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Content Strategy & Copy for Complex B2B Services

Marketers market.
Writers write.
Marketing writers write for your market.

A Content Marketing Writer Can Change Your Game.

You know your website, print, and video materials need to work together and communicate a strong, clear message targeted to your audience. But you may not have the time or staffing resources to create or improve your marketing communications.

So how do you communicate your message? A full-service agency is more than you need, but most copywriters don’t have the expertise to complete your project, and your employees don’t have the content writing skills. 

That’s where we come in.

LM Group helps B2B manufacturing, pharma services and life science companies expand brand awareness and increase leads with targeted digital content. We’re experts in content marketing, copywriting & B2B social media management. We’ve worked with companies such as BlueBee, AbbVie, Perkin Elmer, Bruker, Neuland Laboratories and the agencies who serve them.

Our industry knowledge saves you time and keeps costs down.

We’ll Communicate Your Message — In Your Voice.

You need to connect with your customers and increase visibility in a world full of noise. Thousands of messages reach your customers each day. You need to stand out — and you need to do it with a minimum of time and effort.

We are professional writers and lifelong marketers. We’ll create content that:

  • answers your audience’s questions
  • solves their problems
  • converts them into leads — and customers.

We’ll get up to speed on your business quickly and provide you with on-target communications — within budget. And perhaps most importantly, we meet deadlines. Period.

We are:

  • Content writers who believe that the key to your success lies in understanding your audience and their motivations.
  • Digital marketing professionals who understand how to leverage digital media such as email marketing, social media, and your website to reach leads and drive sales.
  • Web copywriters who give your business a voice that speaks to the needs of your customers. We write to connect with your audience, increase visibility, and build sales.
  • Marketing writers who understand the FDA’s regulatory communications requirements and know how to translate science into layman’s terms.

We create content for your website, marketing materials, social media and videos to get customers through your door. We’ll provide the ideas & strategy, the communication tools and the content you need to get your marketing efforts on track and working for you.

We serve a global clientele, from Australia, India, France, Germany and the Netherlands to the UK, US and Canada.

What types of copy projects have we worked on?

We’ve been in this business for a while, so we’ve worked on everything from print to digital. Today, we focus on web-based content for websites, email marketing, corporate blogging and social media management. We love diving into new projects!
  • Case Studies
  • Website Content
  • Newsletters & Newsletters
  • Social Media Strategy, Content & Management
  • Corporate Blogs
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Scripts
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Sales Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Training Materials
  • Proposal Writing
Jen Mizak's headshotJen Mizak is the Digital Marketing Strategist behind LM Group.

Jen’s career started with designing and executing marketing and business strategies in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 firms. Her major focus: copywriting and content marketing strategy services for companies ranging from pharma & biotechnology, technology for life sciences, healthcare, to manufacturing.

Staying current with the latest content marketing strategies and platforms gives us the ability to spot trends that help you stay ahead of your competition. Each year we attend, on average, four conferences focused on different areas of B2B marketing.

A core value here at LM Group is giving back to the community — through involvement in business organizations, volunteerism, and charitable giving. Jen also supports business stakeholders by leading workshops and providing training on content marketing and social media for business.

Today her team develops digital marketing content that gets customers signing on the dotted line, clicking links, and engaging with your brand.

Connect with Jen on LinkedIn to learn more about her expertise. Talk to LM Group about content marketing and copywriting support that helps you improve your bottom line.

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