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B2B Science-based Blog Writing

When it comes to blog content, quality matters more to your customers and to search engines than quantity. Providing authoritative content that educates and answers your customers’ questions is critical to becoming a thought leader and building brand recognition.

Blogs & Content Marketing

A corporate blog is an important part of your content marketing strategy. Blogging gives you the ability to talk in-depth about your expertise, your products or services, and how they help your audience. It builds your credibility, audience trust and brand awareness. It also creates opportunities to drive traffic back to your site from email campaigns and targeted ads.

Consistent, targeted blog content demonstrates your subject matter expertise. It shows you are knowledgeable and actively engaged in your industry. Publishing consistently on your blog also keeps Google happy.

Done right, your blog will deliver quality ongoing fresh content for your website and SEO efforts.

Blogging with LM Group

We don’t believe in just writing a blog post for the sake of filling an editorial calendar or posting schedule. We do believe in making sure your blog adds value and integrates with your other marketing efforts.

If your team doesn’t have time to create blog content, we’ll write it for you.

Ask us how to increase your brand awareness with proper blog post promotion.

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We help manufacturing and life science businesses expand brand awareness and increase leads with targeted digital content.
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