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Proofreading & Editing

Safeguard Your Content Reputation

At the speed your business is writing and publishing content, accidents can happen. It only takes one misspelling, wrong word or grammatical error to call your credibility into question. Spell check can’t catch everything, and words that are spelled correctly but used improperly will pass the test.

Proofreading Services

We proofread newsletters, blog posts, brochures, sell sheets, case studies and website content. When your marketing content needs a fresh set of eyes, contact LM Group.

Editing Services

Maybe you’ve written website contentnewsletters or a brochure. Perhaps it doesn’t sound quite the way you’d like, or you’d just like a second opinion. Even professional copywriters need an editor.

At LM Group, we’ll edit your copy to ensure your content is easy to read and understand. We’ll check formatting, sentence structure, word choice, punctuation and make sure that the content does what you want it to.

Contact us to turn your work into polished, effective content that gets results.

Let Us Be Your Second Set of Eyes.

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We help manufacturing and life science businesses expand brand awareness and increase leads with targeted digital content.
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