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When most business owners think about web pages, they usually think of their website pages. You know – Home, About, Services, etc. But there are other kinds of web pages floating around out there on the web that are just as important (and in some cases, I would argue, even more important!)

All web pages have their own marketing task, whether it’s:

  • promoting your services
  • telling your potential customers how you solve their problems
  • sharing how to contact your business
  • selling a specific product, or
  • building a mailing list.

Two types of pages, which are must-haves for any business, are landing pages and squeeze pages. A landing page is designed to sell a specific product – right from that page. A squeeze page is designed to build an email marketing list from visitors through the use of an irresistible offer – perhaps a free report, white paper, or other valuable content you, as the business owner, can deliver.

Landing Page (Also known as a sales page)

As I mentioned above, you use landing pages to sell one of your products or services. This page works for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These pages typically take the form of a long, many-paged (if you were to write it out on paper) sales letter with copy geared towards a specific audience. One key element that must be included on this page is a Buy Now! button attached to a method of automatic payment. Among the other key elements you need to include are your guarantee, testimonials from clients, contact info and copyright information.

Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages, on the other hand, aren’t trying to directly sell. Rather, the objective is to capture a potential customer’s information for future marketing purposes. Incentives are typically used to attract the subscriber – whether it’s a newsletter, a free report or access to premium content. The point of the squeeze page is list-building, which provides your mailing list for email marketing.

Email Marketing @ Work

Using squeeze pages, your business can build a qualified email list. You’ll be able to target your email campaigns to subscribers interested in your products and services. By directing them to the landing page with the exact solution they need, they’ll be able to quickly purchase what they need from you – whenever they feel like shopping!

This is email marketing,
Nope, there’s no magic.
Yup, it works.