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Email marketing is a great way for companies of all sizes to reach customers and prospects. Despite all claims to the contrary, email marketing is still alive and doing just fine! After getting your customers to open your email, your click-through and conversion rates become the name of the game – it’s all about getting them to push the proverbial Buy Now button.

One question that comes up frequently: whenshould I send my emails?

Here are some tips for choosing a time of day and day of week to send those emails, in order to maximize the chance they’ll be opened and action will be taken. Check out Get Response’s full infographic here.

Send it on a Saturday or Sunday.
Believe it or not, research tells us that email open, click and transaction rates are highest on weekends, when volume is lowest.

Send it in the morning and early afternoon
The best times of day for clicking and opening emails are 8-9am and 3-4pm, the times when people are reviewing their inboxes, so schedule your email to arrive about 60 minutes before your target window.

Schedule by Time Zone
To hit those best times of day mentioned above, your email service may let you schedule deliveries for a set time in each time zone, which allows you to hit those 9am or 3pm sweet spots wherever your customers are.

So there’s the research. But you need to test your own audience since their habits may differ. Try sending your emails at different times of the day and different times of the week – then measure your click through and response rates. That’s how you truly know when your email marketing is most effective.

When do you get the highest response to your email marketing?
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