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Have you been hearing a lot lately about being genuine, real, sincere, heart-centered or likeable when marketing your business? What about being authentic? That’s a big one. Making your business likable is popular these days. But why? Is it really that important to your bottom line?

The short answer: Yes.

Hey, everyone wants to be liked, right? And being known as a ‘likeable’ business (or ‘likable,’ since both spellings are correct) is a large part of what can change your business growth from a roller coaster ride into a smooth cruise.

Why is Likeability important?

Sales have been based on relationships – well – pretty much forever. Think about all those stories of golf course deals. Sure, making a sale also has a lot to do with budgets and benefits. But many times when the final decision comes down to the same benefits between products or services, the relationship is what tips the sale in your direction – even if your product or service happens to be a bit more expensive. Why? Because of the relationship you developed – and the fact the customer likes you.

Are your customers just customers?

Not any more! Businesses are built on relationships and customers are more like ‘business buddies’ or ‘client friends’ – at least many of mine are!

If you’re a B2B, you know how your customer’s business is doing, you know about their family, about what the kids are up to or whether their parents are healthy or not, you know what their hobbies are. If you’re a B2C business, you know more than ever before about your customers’ likes, dislikes, and buying behaviors. You know what type of emails they respond to and which products are their favorites.

Customers want to talk to someone they can relate to – someone who they know supports them. When they know you support them, they like you. And your actions had better be genuine. We can spot the fakers a mile away! Guess who won’t be getting their business?

Every one of your interactions with your clients – whether in person, in verbal or electronic communications or in your marketing materials – can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Are you making that likeability connection in each of your communications?

But – how does the whole likability thing work?

It starts with having positive and engaging interactions with clients and prospects
Which then makes you likable and
Creates trust between you and your customer or prospect
Trust then becomes the foundation for a solid relationship
And of course as we know – relationships create sales. 

When you communicate with your customers, are you delivering your message in a way that builds your relationship with your clients? Are you answering questions? Are you there for them?